Coronavirus grant opportunities

As the world is gripped with the ongoing pandemic crisis, many nonprofits may be wondering if there are coronavirus grant opportunities to take advantage of.


The philanthropic response to the coronavirus outbreak has been widespread. That means there are plenty of new grant opportunities available. Some funders have shifted their priorities, opening up coronavirus grant opportunities. And, new grantmakers have popped up in the wake of the pandemic.


Some nonprofits find themselves stretched financially as they expand to meet new needs brought on by the outbreak. Others are simply seeing funds disappear. In-person fundraisers like auctions are canceled, and reliable donors are suffering financial losses.


However, grants may be able to fill the gap. And, if your organization can couple grant writing with creative approaches to fundraising, like email appeals and digital events, you may be better equipped to weather this storm.


Coronavirus grant opportunities


Where to find other coronavirus grant opportunities

There are several great resources out there for keeping up-to-date on available coronavirus grant opportunities. As the crisis worsens, grant makers are responding with a number of new measures. These include relief funds for artists and emergency response funds. Plus, there are also grants for research related to treatments, vaccines, and more. Some funders make grants on a first-come, first serve basis. However, others are competitive. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure your proposal is as strong as possible.


Here are a few outstanding resources for searching for coronavirus grant opportunities:


In addition, the Council of Nonprofits has an excellent resource guide for nonprofits during this challenging time. The guide covers steps organizations should take to shore up their finances. Also, there is a state-by-state assistance guide.


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