Coronavirus grants for artists

Coronavirus grants for artists and arts nonprofits

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has unleashed economic hardship on broad swaths of the world. Artists are one of the most vulnerable groups, especially given that many cannot hold in-person events like concerts or gallery shows. Meanwhile, the grantmaker response has been equally widespread, with millions of dollars in new funding now available. There are scores of new coronavirus grants for artists and arts nonprofits.


Coronavirus grants for artists and arts nonprofits

Most of these grants are for either arts-based nonprofits, or for individual artists facing hardships related to the outbreak. Here are a handful of coronavirus grants for artists and arts nonprofits:


  • Awards to Colorado Individuals Impacted by COVID-19 for Art Projects: The purpose of this program is to support local artists who have been affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Eligible art projects are videos with running time of up to 20 minutes. The guidelines encourage new video projects that respond to the current moment.

  • Grants to curators and art historians: Grant of up to $5,000 to a USA or Territories individual curator or art historian for emergency support related to COVID-19/Coronavirus. Funding will assist with the development of projects that promote artwork of contemporary and experimental nature
  • Grants to Massachusetts artists: Grants of $500 and grants of $1,000 to Massachusetts artists in eligible regions to mitigate financial losses incurred due to the coronavirus pandemic. The funder gives priority to low-income artists and to artists that have not received funding from the funding source in the current fiscal year.
  • Grants to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky Arts and Culture Nonprofits to Mitigate Losses Due to COVID-19: Funding is intended to mitigate losses that have been caused by the postponement and cancellation of arts and cultural events in the community.
  • Grants to New York City musicians: Grants of $500 to New York City freelance musicians whose work and livelihood have been been affected by the COVID-19/Coronavirus health crisis.


Where to find other opportunities

There are several great resources out there for keeping up-to-date on available coronavirus grant opportunities. As the crisis worsens, grant makers are responding with a number of new measures. These include relief funds for artists, emergency response funds, and grants for research related to treatments, vaccines, and more.


Here are a few outstanding resources for searching for coronavirus grant opportunities:


In addition, the Council of Nonprofits has an excellent resource guide for nonprofits during this challenging time. The guide covers steps organizations should take to shore up their finances, as well as a state-by-state assistance guide.


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