Coronavirus grants for nonprofits

Coronavirus grants for nonprofits responding to the crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic crisis deepens, many nonprofits are moving quickly to respond to new needs in their communities. And the grantmaker response has been equally enormous. Now, there are millions of dollars in new funding now available. In addition, there are scores of new coronavirus grants for nonprofits responding to the crisis.


Some funders have shifted their priorities, opening up coronavirus grant opportunities for nonprofits. Meanwhile, new opportunities have popped up, on local, state, regional, and national levels.


Coronavirus grants for nonprofits

Most of these grants are for nonprofits responding to emergency needs in their community. These grants are mostly focused on housing insecurity and homelessness, economic insecurity, emergency nutrition needs, and more.


Here’s a handful of coronavirus grants for nonprofits in these areas:


  • Grants to Minnesota tribes and nonprofits: Grants of up to $25,000 to Minnesota nonprofit organizations, tribal entities, and faith-based organizations to address urgent community needs due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Nonprofits in the areas of housing insecurity and homelessness, economic insecurity, emergency food delivery receive priority.
  • Grants to Iowa nonprofits to support unexpected needs: Grants of up to $5,000 to Iowa nonprofit organizations and government entities in eligible areas to support unexpected needs due to the Coronavirus. Funding will allow nonprofits to continue delivering critical services related to COVID-19. It will also help organizations evaluate and restructure their operations.
  • Grants to Oregon and Washington nonprofits to address food security: Grants to Oregon and Washington nonprofit agencies in eligible counties to alleviate food insecurity due to COVID-19. Funding will provide food to children, families, and seniors.
  • Grants to New York nonprofits benefiting vulnerable populations: Grants of up to $5,000 to New York nonprofit organizations in eligible areas for services that benefit disadvantaged populations that are displaced or actively impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Grants to Louisiana nonprofits for health care initiatives: Grants of up to $75,000 to Louisiana nonprofit organizations in eligible locations for health care initiatives. Funding will support both medical research and patient care. Eligible project areas are respiratory illnesses, including novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


Where to find other opportunities

There are several great resources out there for keeping up-to-date on available coronavirus grant opportunities. As the crisis worsens, grant makers are responding with a number of new measures. These include relief funds for artists, emergency response funds, and grants for research related to treatments, vaccines, and more.


Here are a few outstanding resources for searching for coronavirus grant opportunities:


In addition, the Council of Nonprofits has an excellent resource guide for nonprofits during this challenging time. The guide covers steps organizations should take to shore up their finances, as well as a state-by-state assistance guide.


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