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Resources to get started with grant writing

Nonprofits are often eager to get started with grant writing. And often, we advise a cautious approach.


Grants are extremely competitive, with an industry average success rate around 10 percent. That’s true even for nonprofits that have achieved household name status like Habitat for Humanity. It’s even lower for brand new nonprofits, because grantmakers want to see that your operations are stable and that you’re capable of accomplishing what you promise in your grants. They’re more likely to fund organizations with a proven track record years of success, statistics, awards, and other great credentials.


So what’s a new nonprofit or a nonprofit that wants to get started with grant writing to do? We have lots of advice:








There’s lots more we can help you with if you’re ready to get started with grants, or even if you think you’ll need help getting ready. Learn more about our grant writing services here.


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    Eric Bryant

    15.06.2017 at 12:59 Reply

    Grant writing can generate significant returns, but the truth is most smaller nonprofits do not have the personnel resources to write, submit and develop grants. Grant writing is a super-laborious process, and there’s no guarantee you’ll win the grant, even if you dot all the Is and cross all the Ts.

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