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Our Process

Our process varies depending on the services requested. However, all client relationships begin with a free consultation call to determine grant readiness and discuss goals and needs. Then, we match you with a grant writer who has the skills and experience that best align with your organization.

If we do work together to write a grant, here’s our process:
  • Assess

    We first look over your existing grant materials as well as the application you’re planning to submit. From this, we determine a price estimate for the project.

  • Research

    Once the contract with price estimate is signed, we work to fill any gaps in the existing grant materials, doing additional research into your client population’s need, for example.

  • Write

    Working closely with your team or a designated point of contact, we write the grant application to fit the funder’s requirements.

  • Review

    Again working closely with your team or a designated point of contact, we review and finalize the grant, making sure its information is accurate and current.

  • Submit

    We can help with the submission process, though often we encourage clients to submit grants themselves so that they are the final point in the chain of submission.


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