cost estimates to write a grant

Cost estimates to write a grant

Organizations looking to hire a grant writer all ask the same question: How much can I expect to pay for professional help? Applicants need this important information to figure out if hiring an grant writing consultant will fit into their budget. Before we can determine cost estimates to write a grant, though, we need more information on the project.


Here are other factors that go into developing cost estimates to write a grant:


Grant writer hourly rate

Hourly rates for grant writers can have a wide range. New grant writers in smaller markets may charge around $20 an hour. But experienced grant writers in larger markets may charge upwards of $100 an hour. However, it can be hard to know how much time a grant writer will take to write a specific grant. That’s why we offer cost estimates to write a grant before starting a project.


Grant writer’s fee structure

Several factors influence our cost estimates to write a grant. These include the complexity of the grant and the past experience of the applicant organization. It may cost only $200 for us to write a short letter of inquiry, or LOI. But a new applicant undertaking a large, complex grant may incur a fee of thousands of dollars. There’s a very wide range.


Cost estimates to write a grant from Professional Grant Writers

While we do bill on an hourly basis, we also like to give clients cost estimates to write a grant. We give clients an idea of our overall price for a project before we start the work. Knowing this information up front gives the clients a sense of how our fees fit into their budget.


To calculate an estimate, we analyze the client’s past grant activities, if any. We look at related materials to see if there are boilerplate pieces we can reuse, and any other information we can draw on to lay a foundation for our writing work.


We also look at the overall scope of work: Are we acting as the project manager for a large grant submission? Or are we simply editing a client’s work before submission? Answers to those and other questions help us determine how much time we’re putting in and what our final price may be.


We work hard to be transparent with our rates and fee structure, and we always quote a price estimate up front. If we find we need more time to complete a project because of unforeseen delays or challenges, we request an approval for more time.


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