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Should I hire a grant writing company or individual?

I’m often asked, “Why should we hire a grant writing company versus an individual?” Of course, as a grant writing company, we are biased, but we do think there are some good reasons as to why a company versus an individual makes the most sense when you’re hiring an outside grant writer.


Why hire a grant writing company?

We can only speak for how things work at our company. But for the most part, a grant writing company has more supportive infrastructure behind each writer than what you’d find with a solo practitioner. For Professional Grant Writers, that means we share best practices and professional development. We support each other when someone is out sick, has an emergency, or is on vacation. We can cover for each other so that clients don’t miss any deadlines or feel unsupported if the team member they’re working with is unavailable for some reason.


The benefit of a team

At PGW, we pair each client with one grant writer, who becomes their partner in the grant writing process. That way, you’re still getting the individual treatment and attention. But, you’ll still have the support system that comes from working with a company. With a company, the grant writers are also free to focus on actually writing grants. Other staff are solely responsible for business development tasks like marketing, contract negotiation, and bookkeeping, so the writers are able to dedicate their attention to writing. And that’s better for the client.


The exceptions

Of course, there are exceptions, times where it may benefit you to hire an individual versus a grant writing company. You may find a solo grant writer who has the exact expertise you’re looking for, for example. The great thing about hiring a contractor to write your grants is that you can pick the person and/or company that fits your organization’s needs and goals. And that’s ultimately what’s most important in this process.


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