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Types of grant sources and who can access them

In the great, wide world of grant seeking, it’s important to understand where grants come from and who can apply for them. This is Grant Writing 101-level stuff, but without this foundational understanding, you won’t get very far in the process of writing and securing a grant.

First, let’s talk about what makes up a Grant Ready Organization (GRO). According to Udemy, “A Grant Ready Organization (GRO) is prepared to apply for grant opportunities. GROs have all of their records, registrations and audits in place, accessible, and up-to-date. GROs have engaged and gained support from leadership, policy-makers and stakeholders. GROs align their mission, vision, and capacity with their understanding of community needs as the foundation of their grant seeking strategy.”

There are many components here, and each are important to consider before you start writing a grant. Once that is accomplished, you can start considering where grants come from and who is eligible for the various types of grants out there. Here’s a handy infographic on the topic:


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