federal grant writing mistakes

Federal government grant mistakes to avoid

Writing a federal grant proposal is a huge undertaking. In fact, simply reading and digesting the proposal requirements can be a full-time job alone! Federal government grant mistakes are easy to make with these cumbersome requirements. These small errors can result in major points docked from a reviewer’s rubric, so it pays to double check your work every step of the way. Here are some of the most common federal government grant mistakes.


1. Not following directions: It’s easy to overlook some of the details when you’ve got a 20 page proposal sitting in front of you and a 10 page booklet of instructions and requirements. But missing out on one of these details will weaken your proposal. Be sure to read over the instructions multiple times before you send your proposal in to avoid mistakes.


2. Inconsistencies: Make sure the numbers in your budget add up. Read over the narrative and be sure you haven’t promised something in one section and left it out in another. Be sure your project name is consistent on every page, etc.


3. Confusing outcomes and outputs: This is an all-too-common federal government grant mistakes, especially from first-time grant writers. Be sure you know the difference.


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