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Do your grant narrative and project budget tell the same story?

Budgets are often an afterthought in grant writing. When you’re working on a grant proposal, you probably spend most of your time carefully crafting your narrative, making sure you’ve answered each question and covered every relevant topic thoroughly and accurately.


Leaving the budget for the last minute can be detrimental to your grant’s success, especially if you are not making sure the two are telling the same story.


When you write your grant, make sure your project description covers every item in your budget. And review the budget to make sure that every detail discussed in the description is accounted for.


For example, if your narrative mentions hiring tutors, but the cost of these salaries are not accounted for in the budget, something’s wrong. Similarly, if you add a line item for gas reimbursements in the budget but don’t mention who will be driving where, and why, in your narrative, you should add this in.


Before you turn in the grant, look at your narrative and budget side-by-side, making sure everything is consistent.


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