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What to include in a letter of support for a grant

Some grant applications ask for a letter of support or commitment when there’s a partner organization or multiple stakeholders involved in a project. We find that organizations usually leave these for the last minute and find themselves scrambling to get a third party to write a letter of support.


A letter of support is similar to an MOU in a federal grant application. They’re usually a little less formal, though. This letter is often included as an attachment to a grant application, but you should think of it as an important piece of the argument you’re making in favor of your work.


Letters of support should:

  • Thoroughly detail the agreement or relationship as it pertains to the grant application
  • Include the representative’s signature and organization letterhead
  • Add testimonies that prove the grant applicant’s suitability for the project/relationship
  • Cite specific successes, metrics, goals, and objectives
  • Name specific resources or people involved in the project


To save time, you can draft a letter for the signer. Or, give them bullet points to start with. No one likes staring at a blank page! There are plenty of great examples on the internet if you search for “sample letter of support,” or something similar.


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  • Avatar for Tom Nardone

    Tom Nardone

    29.01.2020 at 20:56 Reply

    Thanks for this. I’m writing my first grant ever. We are a small volunteer group that cleans up rivers and lakes. I have no experience with this, but we have social capital from cleaning up in the past. Now I know what to request from our supporters. We are called Trash Fishing. Thanks again.

  • Avatar for Erica Mason-Colvin

    Erica Mason-Colvin

    27.01.2022 at 14:23 Reply

    I am wondering if my signature is included in the word count for a letter of recommendation in a grant proposal. Please advise

    • Avatar for PGWAdmin


      28.01.2022 at 07:34 Reply

      Hi Erica,
      Thanks for the question. That’s hard to answer. If the letter needs to be uploaded into some sort of online system with a built-in word counter, then yes, any character (signature included) will go toward the word count. If it’s just a paper letter that you’re mailing as a hard copy, then I wouldn’t worry about the signature adding to the word count.

      Good luck!

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