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Including key staff in your federal or foundation proposal

It’s important to include in your grant application a thorough description of the staff managing the program and overseeing the grant award. That goes for federal and foundation grant proposals.


The funder will want assurances that the grant money is in good hands and that their investment is being overseen by capable people.


We like to collect the resumes of senior program and organization staff (Program Director, Executive Director, Program Manager, for example) and write a brief paragraph summing up each person’s background, experience, and accomplishments with the agency. Maybe these people have attended trainings, received awards, started successful programs, earned relevant degrees or certifications, etc. Sometimes this involves brief interviews or emails to make sure we’ve covered everything we need.


This helps reassure the funder that their money is going to the right organization. With capable people at the helm, you’re proving that your organization is the right one for the job.


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