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Nonprofit articles you should be reading this week

The internet is awash in useful resources from industry experts. Here are a few articles we’ve found especially useful this week:


    • What’s wrong with major gifts: Nonprofit Pro explores the notion that even enormous donations aren’t “major” gifts in the sense that they don’t necessarily signal emotional investment from the donor. Instead, donors who gift assets are much stronger partners. “Donors who make gifts of assets are the donors who fuel humanitarian visions. These are the investors your organization must have for sustainability,” the article says.


    • How can an organization successfully replicate while maintaining program quality and ensuring financial sustainability: This is a vitally important question as nonprofits seek to grow. With growth being such a huge aspect of grant awards, this article can help nonprofits understand how to maintain quality while expanding.


    • Brainstorm inventive ways to raise cash: Nonprofits are constantly trying to raise funds, and that process can be draining. By inflecting some new, creative ideas into the process, you’ll reenergize the development team as well as your donor base. Here are some great ideas for doing so.


    • Half of nonprofits are set up to fail: Wow, this is staggering, especially for those of us in the business of preventing nonprofits from failing. The article gives numerous insights into why that is, and how nonprofits can prevent their doors from closingin some unexpected ways.


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