Proving your organization’s credibility in a grant proposal

If you think about a grant as an investment by a foundation or government body, it’s easy to understand why that entity would want to know more about your nonprofit’s qualifications. Any investor wants to know that their investment is secure, that their money is in good hands.


You can prove this in a grant application by speaking to your organization’s credibility, meaning you’re outlining the ways in which your organization is equipped for and capable of solving the problems you’ve laid out in your proposal’s needs statement.


You should consider including the following in this section:


  • Information about past accomplishments, awards, and milestones
  • Track record with other grantors
  • Information about board members and key staff’s skills and experience
  • Success in meeting past performance measures such as goals, objectives, outcomes, and outputs


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  • Grant

    16.07.2015 at 06:14 Reply

    Great insight, however, how do you include this information in online applications with such strict word counts?

    • admin

      16.07.2015 at 09:32 Reply

      That is a great question, and certainly an important consideration. It’s hard to answer with a formula that would work for every online grant application since they vary so wildly. I would say do your best to get in a sentence or two on accomplishments at the very least, and make sure they pack a punch. Other than that, it’s a case-by-case consideration.

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