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Strengthening your federal grant proposal’s need statement

The need statement is one of the most important parts of your federal grant proposal. This is the where you will make the case for your program or project, describing the problem the grant will address and making an argument for receiving the grant.


A weak need statement, especially in a grant proposal for the federal government, will weaken the rest of your proposal. If it’s not thoroughly researched and well written, the entire proposal may get thrown out.


To set up a strong need statement, you must identify credible sources to back up your assertions. Describe the population you serve and provide statistics like demographics, information on poverty levels, or health and disease information.


Quote scientific studies, and make sure they’re recent; generally they’ll need to be from the past three years or so, depending on how dynamic your industry is. If you work in health and medicine, any studies cited in a federal grant proposal will need to be very recent or you’ll need to state why they are still relevant. Often, the proposal guidelines will tell you what rubric is used for determining a study’s relevancy. Be sure to cite these studies and sources according to the guidelines, too.


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