Targeting local foundations with your nonprofit’s grant writing

Lately the word “local” is on everyone’s lips. Local food movements inspire locavores to eat produce and meat from local producers. Local small businesses compete for your attention, hoping you’ll keep your dollars local. Local newscasts show local weather, tell you about local happenings, and keep you abreast of what’s going on in your community.


The same can be said of grant writing. As nonprofits continue to proliferate and competition for limited grant money runs high, consider staying local with your applications.


Applying to local foundations especially as a new nonprofit focused solely on serving one community serves a number of purposes.


It’s easier to get your foot in the door with a small, local foundation than it is to try and break into a massive, national funder. It’s much easier to get their attention, to set a meeting and shake their hands, than to get air and face time with a much larger, more sophisticated foundation.


And locally, you’re more likely to find connections between your board and the foundation’s trustees, staff, and board. Those connections can go a long way to getting your application looked at closely. As much as we like to think that all competitions are entirely merit-based and that everyone is on a level playing field, that line of thinking ignores the inherent politics of foundation grantmaking. Let’s be honest: foundations have friends, and those friends are often first in line for money.


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