Thanking grantmakers builds positive funder relations

It’s important to consider longterm funder relations beyond the grant award. Often, nonprofits receive grants and completely forget to thank the foundation that awarded the money. It may feel like overkill. You’ve probably filled out a lengthy application, pulled off a site visit, and had meetings and other communications with the funder. But a little “thank you” can go a long way in building positive funder relations.


What to send


Before you cash the check, send the funder a thank you note. Perhaps add some personal, heart strings-pulling aspect that shows how their money is impacting your constituents. Show them how the money is helping your organization and the people you serve. Send photos, a video, or some other physical manifestation of your efforts. Invite foundation staff to visit your program, to see their money in action, or to attend a special event or other activity. This gets them involved, and you stay fresh in their minds. It’s an important aspect of building funder relations.


A crucial step for funder relations


This is an important step in building funder relations that last for years, hopefully with the goal of growing over time. If you skip this step, you’re effectively snubbing the foundation. And the foundation might not remember your organization kindly.


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