top qualities of a good grant writer

The top qualities of a good grant writer

Much of this blog is dedicated to the qualities of a competitive grant application. And while applicant organizations bear a lot of responsibility for the content of the grant, a good grant writer will help finesse those details into a great grant. Let’s look at the top qualities of a good grant writer.


Top qualities of a good grant writer



This is a no-brainer—it’s one of the top qualities of a good grant writer. There’s no substitute for experience. An experienced grant writer will likely have most (or all) of the additional qualities listed below.



Grant writers must pull together details from many different sources. And put together a complex application before a deadline. A good grant writer is very organized, keeping things on schedule and ensuring all participants stay on task.



While many grants are fairly dry and straightforward, there is room for creativity. A good grant writer will know how to balance creative writing skills with the imperative to speak to funder guidelines.



A top quality of a good grant writer is writing ability. Of course, a good grant writer will also be a strong writer in general.


Critical thinking

Grant writers must be able to think critically, using sharp analytical skills to write a strong grant.


Attention to details

Grants are very detail-driven, so you’ll want a grant writer who pays attention to the little things, from grant guideline particulars to service population statistics to spelling and grammar.


Good communication

Grant writing is a collaborative process between a grant writer and the applicant organization. Make sure you have a grant writer who communicates well, clearly, and thoroughly.


Research abilities

Many grants (especially more complex ones, like federal grants) require background research to support the arguments made in the application. Good grant writers are skilled researchers; they supplement applications with citations and statistics.



A good grant writer will care about the cause they’re writing about. They infuse their writing with passion, a qualitative aspect that improves the chances of success.


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