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Tip: Subscribe to free newsletters to find out about grant opportunities

Grant prospect research is often the first step for us when we start working with a new grant writing client. We comb through databases we pay to subscribe to, and the process can be quite time-consuming. That first step gives us a great foundation for grant applications, and typically we can fill an entire calendar year with opportunities and deadlines.


But what comes next? How do we keep on top of new grant opportunities after we’ve done that initial research?


It’s actually pretty easy. We subscribe to several mailing lists that alert us when a foundation or government agency has released a new grant opportunity, or request for applications (also known as an RFP). We subscribe to industry-specific mailing lists for each of our clients, but we also use a couple of general lists, too.


These lists are helpful for nonprofits across the industry. One is the Foundation Directory Online’s RFP Bulletin newsletter; they also run more targeted newsletters for grants related to the arts, education, and health.


For federal grant announcements, we use the subscription option for grants notices. They also have a number of options to help you receive alerts more tailored to your industry or interest.


We don’t ever want a grant opportunity to pass us by — and you probably don’t either! These two newsletters are outstanding resources.


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