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More ways to find grants for international nonprofits

You may find it harder to identify grants for international nonprofits than for domestic, U.S.-based organizations when it comes to finding grant opportunities. And that’s not because there aren’t plenty out there; you just have to know where to look.


We always suggest starting with the Foundation Directory Online database. This is the most comprehensive grant prospect database out there.


That being said, there are tons of international funders who are not listed in the FDO, either because they aren’t based in the U.S. or because they just aren’t listed — some foundations do fall through the cracks.


Here are a few additional resources to help you find grants for your international nonprofit:


There are lots of sites out there that have culled links to various foundations, but the ones above are our favorites. We also suggest doing a Google search for specific keywords relevant to your project or organization. You may also search for grants for your country or region of the world.


Another way to find grants for international nonprofits is to research organizations that are similar to yours or operate in the same region of the world. If they file Form 990s, you’ll be able to see what their funding sources are. Often, grantmakers are listed here, which can be a great way to learn about potential funders for your organization.


Corporations operating in the same country as your nonprofit may also make grants to local nonprofits. You can find these company names through Google searches. Then, look on each company’s individual website for more information regarding their charity work and grantmaking activities. This last tip is a great way to find long-term partnerships through grants for international nonprofits.


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