How to plan and design grant proposals

Grant proposals are increasingly accepted through online forms, but we don’t think paper proposals are going away any time soon. A significant percentage of foundations still request paper applications. But,  many of them don’t give many guidelines for putting one together. So that means you’re all on your own, staring at a blank Word document. What’s a grant writer to do?


Without guidelines, you should break your proposal down into sections, including:




Summarizing all parts of your proposal in one or two short paragraphs


Organization introduction


Who are you, and why are you the right organization for the job? What are your past accomplishments?


Need statement


Demonstrate a strong need within your community for you organization’s assistance.


Goals and objectives


Outlining what your program will achieve (it should fill the holes presented in the need statement)


Program activities


What exactly your organization will do to achieve these goals. Be as specific as possible.




Prove that you can measure whether you’ve made progress towards your objectives or fallen short.




Who will be doing the work at hand and what are their qualifications?




What will it cost to run the program you’re proposing, and where will this foundation’s money go?


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