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Four sure ways to get your grant proposal rejected

A large part of reviewing and approving grant proposals for funding is subjective on the part of the foundation.


Each foundation brings their own perspective to solving the world’s problems: some want to address immediate needs, for example, while others hope to address root problems. In this way, your proposal might be a good fit for one foundation and a terrible match for another.


But there are some guaranteed red flags for any foundation. These include:


  • Weak financials. If you have a singular income stream or are running a deficit, the foundation may have questions.

  • Addressing your proposal to the wrong person. If you’re not sure who is on the receiving end, call the foundation and ask.

  • Mismatching budget and activities. If you name activities in your proposal, they should be reflected in your budget. And budget items should follow logically from your proposal. Read our tips for matching your grant narrative to your budget.

  • Unclear outcomes. Lay these out as succinctly and clearly as possible. Read our basics for writing goals and objectives.


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